Water Sprites are a subspecies of sprite, especially adapted to life under the waves.


Water Sprites are similar to their terrestrial relatives in overall body layout, being elvish creatures with wings. However, Water Sprites have batlike wings, opposed to the insectoid wings of their cousins. The wing structures is especially modified for pushing against water, propelling the Water Sprite at speeds unheard of from any other aquatic species on the planet. However, they can't fly in atmosphere. They also have bluish skin, in shades from dark navy to perrywinkle. This is an evolutionary trait designed to function as camoflague in case raw speed isn't usable to escape. A set of gills makes them perfectly adapted to their watery environment, although they can switch over to breathing atmospheric oxygen. A special trait they share with Water Elves is the ability to avoid the dangerous condition known as The Bends, due to an adaptable cardiovascular system that prevent nitrogen bubbles from forming. 


Most Atlantean fairies prefer fish over the vegetarian fare of their underground friends. In fact, large fish-eating competitions are held every year in Atlantis. Many Atlanteans pursue careers in the culinary arts or law enforcement. Politicians are held in high regard, often being judged in honesty and ability to sweet talk.