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another species of fairy that can only be found in the waterlogged cities of Atlantis and Mu, Water Dwarves are NOT, I repeat, with emphasism, NOT, actually a subspecies of Dwarves. They have their name due to their size.


Water Dwarves are short, even amongst fairies. They are also quite odd looking. They resemble great whales, but with stubby arms and legs. They are amongst the best swimmers in the fairy world, and use this as their primary method of locomotion, though they can walk and live on land. They eat mainly krill and fish, and are known for their strange form of stupidity- a Water Dwarf may not think a productive thought all his life, but when he does, it will be quite brilliant, such as discovering a new scientific principle. However, they are not dim witted enough to prevent them from joining the LEP, but they usually work as fish farmers.


See Water Sprites.

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