Vergil Hemlock is an albino Elf, part of the LEPrecon Genetic Laboratory Deparment (LEPrecon GLD), which is an elite branch of the LEP, specializing in human affairs and genetic modification. His codename is Agent Phantom, a name given to him by his first nemesis, the crazed elf known as Bad Dog, who incidently was his uncle, Wolfberry Hemlock. He is also the only known son of a GLD operative: His father, Rowan Hemlock, was the only operative who not affected by the sterility caused by genetic modification.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Hemlock's early life. He lead a difficult life due to his physical condition, which is extremely rare among the People, causing him to be shunned by most social groups. He was not aware of his father's true profession, believing him to be an LEP officer. He seems to have had close relations with his mother's brother, Willowbark Short, a lawyer in Haven City, who adopted him for a while after his father's supposed death.

The Bad Dog IncidentEdit

After coming of age, Vergil is able to read his father's will, which tells him to find Commander Root and provides him with a codename, codename "Firefly", which was, in fact, his father's old codename. Vergil confronts Root with this information, who shows him his father's old profile. In the profile, Vergil is tricked into believing that his father wanted him to join the GLD, via a holographic statement left among the data. This statement was actually placed there by the GLD commander, Commander Cahartez, who believes that Vergil is the perfect specimen to kill an old enemy of the organization, the rogue operative called Bad Dog.

Vergil is sent to the GLD academy, and then sent prematurely for an examination on Melville Island, Canada. During his examination, the fairy base on the island is raided by Bad Dog and his men. Vergil is then sent to Paris to recover the weapons that were stolen and to hunt for information. In one of Bad Dog's control centers, he finds his Father, who was completely paralyzed by the rogue operative, who then forced him to watch his son's life on camera feeds. After a visual confrontation with Vergil via holoscreen, Bad Dog has the base blown up, killing Rowan, and forcing Vergil to leave his father to die.

Seeking revenge, Vergil steals a LEP shuttle and heads to Bremen, where Bad Dog is currently hiding. Vergil finds both the weapons and his nemesis in a hidden bunker under the city center. After facing the crazy elf, he goads him into an extreme anger, which causes an intense reaction with the drugs that Bad Dog had been taking, and causing him to transform into a hulking monster. Vergil uses his speed and agility to his advantage, and is able to subdue the elf. Vergil is then given the choice to kill Bad Dog, but chooses not to, leaving him to die.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Vergil has not lost his magic, even though he has entered human dwellings. This has to with the fact that the dwellings are not exactly owned by humans, but by a fairy, so he was able to sneak in without any issues to his magic.


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