The staple uniform of LEPTrooper, TrooperSuits are made for Warfare. Developed by the LEP's Technical Consultant, Foaly, these suits carry an on-board LEP WristComputer that can channel both LEM and LEP signals, utilize both Koboi Phlantax Interlocking Energy Shields and the Koboi Energy Shield. The TrooperSuit comes with the LEP Honeycomb Wings, but those are detachable and other variations of wings can be attached onto the suit if the wearer of the TrooperSuit favors a different model. The suit is covered with Cam-Foil that can be turned on or off, and has a built-in moonbelt around the waist. The feet of the TrooperSuit have micro-thrusters that allow a fairy to get up in the air to a maximum of 4 feet. The suit has solid metal patches on the shoulders, kneecaps, and hands and wrists, where the suit contains it's knockout-capsule launchers.

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