Chapter One Edit

"Oi, waiter!" Called a Sprite. "Can oi git some 'ore Mettle Wine ovah here?" This Sprite in particular was Peevel Halard, a smuggler, and a rather good one too. He was at the thought to be diving bar known as Happy as a Clam, which was, infact, very successful restruant. The only part of it that was a dive was the entrance & bar, who's bathroom concealed a secret entrance to the much finer restaurant section of the place. Peevel Halard was currently playing Bottoms Up, and was winning. He had a 2 and 3-pointed splat and had just given a wild card, which he had made into a Golden Acorn, to another player, Kylred Tell. Suddenly, a Sprite walked up behind him and tapped Peevel on the shoulder. Peevel, who hardly appreciated being interuppted in the middle of his game, said "Oi, mate! Oi'm in the 'Iddle of me game 'ere!" "Are you Peevel Halard?" Asked the Sprite. "'Aht's it to yah?" Replied Peevel. "I need you to do a job for me," The man said. Peevel was miffed. ""Alk to me 'ater, mate!" "It's worth 400 hundred bars of gold if you can do this for me right now." The Sprite said. Peevel's look of irritation instantly dissipated as he mulled it over. "'Four 'undred?" "Correct," Replied the Sprite. Kylred Tell, who had actually looked up from his hand long enough to overhear, said "What's going on?" "Nothing," Said the mysterious Sprite. The Sprite then whispered in Peevel's ear "Meet me outside of Happy as a Clam in 5 minutes.", and walked away. In that short period of 5 minutes, Peevel won the game and walked outside, his pockets filled with gold bars. When he met the Mysterious Sprite outside, he had taken off his hood to reveal... A female Pixie? "Good," She said, jabbing a Neutrino 3000 to Peevel's chest. "You made it."

Chapter 2 Edit

The Pixie backed Peevel up against the wall, her Neutrino still planted firmly on Peevel's chest. "'An jus' who 're yah?" "I bet you can guess that from my sidearm," Replied the Pixie silkily. "LEP," Breathed Peevel. "Yes." Said the Pixie. "Now, you are going to be put away for a long time, Halard." "Really? 'ell, oi got a 'uprise for yah!" Said Peevel, drawing a Neutrino 1000 from his pocket and blasting the LEP officer in the stomach. The officer did not fall unconscious, but was surprised. Peevel took that split second of opportunity to fly into the air, brandishing his Neutrino like a cutlass. LEP traffic control, referred to as "Wheelies", noticed this and pursued Peevel, taking shots with their Neutrino at him. Peevel flew low and flew straight toward the Wheelies. At the last second he stuck out both arms and flew through the middle of the Wheelies, knocking both of them off their vehicles. "Hat's what yah git, mates," Shouted Peevel as he flew away.

Chapter 3 Edit

Myles Fowl was having a bad day. For one thing, Myles' twin brother, Beckett, had, once again, caught him in a bear trap, which he had been doing since the pair where 2. They both where now 12, and their older brother, Artemis, now 25, had left on a meeting with the mayor of Dublin, who had lost the Mayor of Dublin's Chains. Myles was still getting the dirt out of his hair. "Beckett, you simpleton!" He called. "Let me out!" Beckett peaked his head over the trap and said "What would you give me if I did?" "Well, what do you want this time?" "Let's see-" Beckett began to reply, but was stopped short by a rumbling noise. "What's that?" Asked Beckett. Myles gulped. "Let me out NOW, Beckett!" He said. Slowly, the bottom of the bear trap became tinged with red, like when one holds their fingers over a flashlight. "Ow," Said Myles, as the ground had become very warm just now. The ground began to crack. Beckett threw down the ladder, and Myles raced up it. He jumped onto the grass, just as a column of flame flew up out of the trap. Beckett's blonde curls blew back, and Myles shaggy dark hair was also pushed back by the wind. A single, large, titanium egg fell from the column of fire and landed on the ground with a bang as the pillar of fire stopped. The egg opened to reveal what looked like a small girl, except that she was flying. When the female saw Myles she said "Oh, hi, Artemis."

Chapter 4 Edit

"Er...Excuse me?" Said Myles, confused. It took the female a moment to notice that Myles was not, in fact, Artemis. "D'arvit!" She said, slapping her forehead. "Who are you?" Asked Myles. "What are you?" "She's a Fairy." Said Beckett simply. A Fairy? Thought Myles. Now, Beckett was a bit of a simpleton, but Myles had learned not to doubt him most of the time. But a fairy? Surely, logistically, this must be a hallucination.

This Fairy was Holly Short, Capitan in LEPrecon. "Holly, why did you have to do that?" Sighed Commander Bark Newman. Though Newman was a LEPtrooper Commander, he was filling in for Recon Commander. Recon's commander, Trouble Kelp, was in the Nostradamus underwater hospital after a fight with a Water Troll. "Holly, listen to me," Began Newman, familiar with Holly's history of disobeying orders. "I want you to mind-wipe the humans. Now." "Bark, these are Artemis' Fowl's brothers. It would be safer to do a clean wipe then a field wipe. They could lose some brain cells." Newman sighed, which sounded like a rush of static to Holly. "Fine," said Newman. "But hurry. All of our technology is going dow-" Newman was cut off as the speaker on the other end shut down. There had been a mass outbreak in the Deeps, and convict fairies and Water Trolls alike where rampaging through Atlantis. Nearly all of the LEP had been transfered to Atlantis to deal with a threat. To use a common phrase, it was not working. "Sorry about this, Beckett and Myles," Said Holly, blasting both the twins squarely in the chest.

Chapter 5 Edit

Commander Bark Newman was fighting for his life. "We got Water Trolls-" One LEPtrooper called, but was stopped short becuase he had just been mauled by a water troll. "Phlantax Formation!" Shouted Newman. Several LEPtroopers stood left and right of Newman, and they all pressed a button on their wrist-mounted dashboard, holding up their wrists. Interlocking, pulsing, energy shields appeared out of each one and hooked together. A softnose blast flew out from the dust, and bounced off the shield wall. The formation held, but half a minute after the shield wall was formed, the energy shields vanished and a softnose blast pierced one officer's TrooperSuit, taking the unfortunate trooper down. "Scatter!" Called a LEPtrooper, and everyone spread out. The LEPtroopers pulled the triggers, but no blasts came out from their Neutrinos. "We've been fizzed!" Said Major Benson Halard. Fizzed was the term when all LEP tech had been deactivated. In this case, the LEP had only been Fizzed twice. One during the B'awa Kell revolution more then 8 years ago, the second time when Shades had raided the LEPoperations booth in Haven City, and now. "I want all Sprites in the air NOW!" Shouted Newman. "Everybody, switch to backup Flux Blades!" The Troopers obliged, taking Shortswords roughly 2 feet long from scabbards on belts. Newman, however, was the LEPtrooper's melee expert, and as such took two longsword Flux Blades from sheathes on his back. A softnose blast came his way, but Newman, with years of training behind him, expertly ducked, and, as another one came, used his other Flux Blade to slash it, reducing the softnose laser to harmless particles. A Water Troll rampaged out of the line of criminals advancing, heading straight for Newman. Newman, in the meantime, rolled, timed his jump, and leaped at the Water Troll. Upon reaching the target, Newman stuck one of his Flux Blades in the Water Troll's chest and kick flipped off of the sub-species of troll, pulling his Flux Blade out in the process. The Water Troll's momentum carried it forward until it fell to the ground, dead. Newman had leaped out of the way just before the Water Troll crushed him. Landing a cloud of dust, Newman could hear but not see. What he did hear where grunts of pain, blasts, slashes, and screams as combatants on both sides of the battle fell to the other side. When the dust cleared, Newman was blasted in the leg with a softnose blast. His knees buckled, and he fell to the ground, blood pouring out of the wound. "Heal-" Newman began to wispier, but was stopped short when he was grabbed by the neck and hoisted up to his feet. "Idiot," Chuckled a Shade in a silky voice. The Shade threw Newman to the ground, and held his hand over Newman's face, purple sparks trailing from his fingers, foot planted firmly on Newman's chest. The Shade raised his hand and began to chant "Tolaralis Hardi-", but a Flux Blade pierced the Shade's back, stabbing through his chest. The Shade looked down at the blade coming out from his chest, then at Newman, then fell, dead. Major Benson Halard ran forward and took his Flux Blade out of the Shade's chest. Halard lay his hands over Newman's leg wound and said "Heal.' Blue sparks flew out from Halard's hands and sealed the wound and replicated split blood. Halard held out a hand and Newman grabbed it, Halard hoisting Newman to his feet. "Thanks-" Began Newman, but a sofnose laser hit Halard in the head, and Halard crumpled. There was another Elf, pointing his softnose at Newman's head. "See you in hell," He said, then shot the gun.

Chapter 6 Edit

Time seemed to slow down. This criminal had just killed Halard, and gunned for Newman next. Newman ducked, took Halard's flux blade from beside his body, and slashed the softnose blast into harmless particles as he had done before. Newman raced towards the Elf, who kept shooting at him. Avoiding and slashing softnose blasts alike, Newman reached the Elf. The Elf raised his gun, but Newman slashed the barrel off, then slashed at the Elf. The Elf ducked,and kicked Newman's legs out from under him, taking Newman's Flux Blade while Newman was in mid-fall. Newman, on the ground again, and this time with no help coming, lay there, breathing slowly. The Elf pointed his stolen Flux Blade at Newman. "Now," Said the Elf. "You..." The Elf reared up. "..Die." Said the Elf in barely more then a wispier. The Elf brought down the Flux Blade, but Newman caught the flat of the blade in the palms of his hands and pushed back. "Come on," Grunted Newman. The Elf pushed harder, and the tip of the Flux Blade got dangerously close. With a mighty, final, push, Newman shot the Flux Blade back up and out of the Elf's hands. Newman ran for the Blade. Before he got there, however, the Elf tackled him. Newman delivered a swift rabbit punch to the Elf's face, and kicked the Elf off of him. Taking the Flux Blade, The Elf leaped at Newman, grabbing for the Flux Blade. There was a loud bang, and everything went white. When Newman's vision had cleared, he saw that the elf who had attacked him lay dead upon the ground, Flux Blade in his chest. A LEPtrooper stood over his body. "Well, Commander," The Trooper said. "Let's give 'em hell."

Chapter 7 Edit

Peevel Halard sped through the streets of Haven City, entering a dark alleyway. He landed, pulled up his hoood, and walked the rest of the way, so as to not arouse suspicion. Upon reaching his 2-story house, Peevel closed to door, panting. He sat down, laying out his gold bars on the table. Amazingly, he had flown all the way from Happy as a Clam to his house without losing a single gold bar. Peevel heard knocking. He didn't answer. The people outside knocked some more. Go away, Peevel thought. When he did not answer this time, the people outside kicked down Peevel's door. "Put you hands up!" Shouted an LEP officer. "'Aht ah ya gonna do, mates? Shoot me?" "Yes," Replied the officer, pulling the trigger on his Nutrinio. The gun sparked and died. "'Old ya." Said Peevel. "Restrain him!" Yelled the LEP officer, and another officer came out from behind him and ran at Peevel. Peevel, however, head-butted this officer in the stomach and ran past the other. Running, Peevel saw that everything was going dark. There wasn't any backup light. There was fair amounts of screaming. Blackout, Thought Peevel, grinning. Perfect.

Chapter 8 Edit