Sprites are one of the Eight Fairy Families, and are the only ones equipped with wings. They may be the  closest thing to fairies depicted in the human conception of Faeries.


Sprites are very similar in build and structure to elves, being around three feet tall and having pointed ears. However, their defining features are their green skin and their large, fleshy wings. The wings are capable of projecting a small antigravity field derived from magic, which allows them to actually lift the main body, due to the wings being far too small for use by something that size. The wings are smooth and a brighter shade of green than the main body's skin, with numerous arteries and veins visibly bulging near the surface. This gives the wings the appearence of leaves. The wingtips house small echolation emitters, which help prevent the Sprite from bumping against incoming obstacles. The wings are rather fragile, so Sprites must rely on their inherent dodging abilities to avoid damage. Sprites require large amounts of energy to power their flight, meaning that LEP personnel are given larger rations than most. There is another species known as Water Sprites, however they are unrelated to standard Sprites


Sprites are often described to be fast talkers and thinkers, due to their high energy lifestyles. They tend to be rather flirtatious, with a common courtship ritual being overly complex flight patterns to impress anyone they are attempting to woo.  


Notable Sprites Edit