Spitfire Edit

The Spitfire is a highly effective fightercraft employed by the LEP for interception and general attack roles. It is fast, powerful, and reliable enough to complete almost any mission. Using forward-swept wings, repulsorlifts and powerful thrusters, it is capable of fighting both in atmosphere and in space. It's named for the famous Spitfire fighter used by the Allies in WW2, as it was so effective despite it's relative primitiveness that the designers of this craft chose to name their design after it.

Weapons Edit

The Spitfire's primary weapons are three rotary Neutrino cannons and twin mini-missile launchers that can carry thirty rounds each. These missiles are usable against both ground and air targets, and they are surprisingly powerful for their size. In the mid section is an internal weapons bay that holds larger munitions or specialist tools, like heavy missiles, bomblet dispensers, recon packages, even a prototype harness where a wingpack wearing LEP officer can be placed to be dropped for a quick infiltration due to the Spitfire's high speed and compactness allowing for quick deployment when Hurricanes can't be used.

Deployment Edit

The Spitfire is most often seen in areas known for smuggling, as they can catch and if necessary shoot down any kind of smuggling shuttle in the hands of criminals. Due to the fighter's ability to fly in space just as well as it can in atmosphere, it is also used for protecting sattelites, making patrols and other roles. The fighter later saw combat at Auraxis, Noveria, Reach, Equestria, and other planets.

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