“It’s complete.” “What’s complete?” “Your intelligence booster, that’s what.” Opal Koboi said, putting her palm on Briar Cudgeon’s face and shoving him to the ground. “Yes! Got a physical reaction! The physical reactions are so much better than the verbal ones!” “We move out in 5 minutes. And leave me some of the Cheetos this time!” The team assembled by the detector. “What do we got?” Holly stared at the detector. “It’s…It’s…here.” Then a transmission from the guards around the base. “Uh, we’ve got some sort of giant orange dragon out here.”  “Don’t say it.” “That’s not a dragon.” “He said it.” They went out. Sure enough, it was Opal Koboi and her Leonopteryx. Root sent out his Mountain Banshee. The two giant reptiles began to fight in the air. “Leonopteryx Wing.” The Leonopteryx charged forward, slamming the Mountain Banshee with its wing. Root’s Banshee fell, defeated. Artemis and Holly nodded and sent out their Titanothere and Thanator, respectively. “Think two against one will give you an advantage? Think again!” Opal then snapped her fingers, and the Leonopteryx showed something strapped to its back. A power enhancer. “Leonopteryx Wing.” The Leonopteryx hit both of them, knocking them back. “Looks like we need some back-up. Viperwolf!” “Great Maelstrom.”  The Leonopteryx flew around in a circle faster and faster, creating a giant twister that spun the Viperwolf around and defeated it. “Wind Blast.” The Leonopteryx shot a blast of wind, sending the two creatures flying backwards. “Hey, guys.” “What is it, Foaly?” “I discovered something. Certain creatures can fuse their attacks into a Team Attack. It appears that the Titanothere and Thanator are capable of it.” “Hmm. It could be our only chance. You ready, Holly?” “I was born ready.” “You’ve been watching Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Phantosaur again, haven’t you?” “Yes. Yes, I was.” “Titanothere Charge.” “King of the Pandoran Jungle!” The Titanothere charges forward and goes flying past the Leonopteryx. “You missed.” “Did I?” The Thanator jumped behind and fired the King of the Pandoran Jungle. “What?” The Team Attack hit the Leonopteryx in the back. Opal’s power enhancer exploded, and the Leonopteryx fell defeated. “Grrr. You win THAT round.” “I don’t know, that was a pretty-locking it.” The two then left.