Artemis Fowl was researching creatures. He was trying to gather battle strategies for if they encountered that creature in the wild. There was knocking at the door. “Enter,” he said. Holly came in. “Hey. That was some pretty good battling the other day.” She said. “Thanks,” Artemis said, swiveling his chair around. Then he poked her. “Compliments. Means you want something.” Holly chuckled. “All right. I want a creature of my own-“ “And you want me to help you catch one.” Artemis finished.  “Well, yeah.” “I’ll help you IF you promise to be nice to me from now on. No wisecracks.” “Deal.” Just then, the alarm for a creature went off. Holly practically Apparated to the detector. Somehow, she managed to make it seem like she never left the chair. “What do we got?” “Looks like one approaching Chicago. How about we go on the Banshee?” “’fraid not. We’ll be sitting ducks for Opal and her Leonopteryx. We gotta go on Disciplus.” “Not again.” Holly moaned. 10 minutes later… “Again, thank you for nothing, you useless reptile! Oh no.” Disciplus dived for some trees. Twice, Root got smacked in the head with branches. On the third, he ducked. “Heheh. Oh!” He got smacked again. Finally, they got out of the grove. Soon, they were there. “There it is. It’s a Thanator.” Artemis could practically feel Holly’s gaze on the back of his head. They landed, and Artemis put on his special goggles. “I’ll go first. On the field, Titanothere!” The Thanator roared and turned to face its opponent. “Heavy Charge.” The Titanothere charged forward. The Thanator roared, and a sound wave hit the incoming Heavy Charge. “King of the Pandoran Jungle.”Hammerhead Slam.” The Thanator slashed, but was pushed back under an overhang. “Pandora Claw.” He then signaled Holly, who threw the Creature Ball and caught it. They then went back, reluctantly on Disciplus.

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