An alarm went off, and Artemis Fowl woke up. He looked at the clock. 6:00. There. Let’s see Holly make wisecracks now. He got out of bed, and spent the entire time before the others woke up researching Hammerhead Titanotheres and Viperwolves. He had a problem. With two creatures, he needed to know which one would be the main fighter, and which one would be support. Hours later, he still hadn’t decided. There was only one way to get a definite answer. “So let me get this straight. You want your two creatures to battle each other, to decide how to use them?” Holly said. “Yes.” Artemis said. “And where do I come in this?” “I can’t really battle from both sides. I was going to let you borrow one, and the victor would decide which one would be the main fighter.” “I get the Viperwolf.” She said. “Deal.” He said. “I’ll be watching you two.” Butler warned. Later, the battle had begun. “Heavy Charge.” The Titanothere charged forward, and rammed the Viperwolf with a lot of force. “Wolf Claw!” The Viperwolf slashed the Titanothere. “Hammerhead Slam.”  The Titanothere hit the Viperwolf with a complicated hammerhead blow, defeating it. Holly was shell-shocked. The last time the two had battled, the Viperwolf had no trouble defeating the Titanothere. She had thought choosing the Viperwolf would get her an easy victory. Clearly something was different this time around. Holly knew she needed a creature of her own. Later, Artemis had composed his GBS- General Battle Strategy. The Titanothere would be his main creature, while the Viperwolf was back up, or an opening act before the main event.

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