Artemis Fowl woke up with a yawn. He waited a bit, then forced himself out of bed. He walked across the building to the main room of the RCDO; the Rogue Creature Defense Organization. Ever since the anomaly convergence of 2011, rogue creatures had been coming through and wreaking havoc throughout the world. But something was different about these creatures. They appeared to have the abilities to use strange attacks. So the RCDO had been created to defend against these creatures and catch as many as they can. But of course, it wasn’t just go out and use the Creature Balls to catch the dinosaurs. There was a specific duo with their own mission behind catching rogue creatures.  Briar Cudgeon and Opal Koboi. After they had fled at Koboi Labs rather than be hit by the collapsing building, the duo came up with another plan: gather a creature army that could be used to take control of the world. Artemis strode into the room. “Afternoon, teenager.” Holly Short said from the detection device. “You slept till noon. I think that’s a new record.” “Well-“ “Break it up, you two.” Butler called. “Am I gonna have to sit on someone again?” “No.” Holly said quickly. Root just watched and smiled in amusement. The two of them couldn’t stop making wisecracks at each other. That was why he had Foaly watch them, so that the wisecracks didn’t go too far before someone intervened. Their antics were stopped by the alarm indicating that rogue creatures were approaching populated areas. “What do we got, Captain?” “Looks like four approaching New York. Can I fly?” “Depends.” Root said. “On what?” Holly asked, dreading the answer. “On whether or not you try to scare Artemis. Again.” Butler added in. Holly sunk low. “Dang it.” “Looks like we’re gonna have to call on Disciplus.” After the Commander of the Christian Morphers, known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Aggravated, and the code name of Disciplus had used jade swords on chains to destroy the DNA cannons and send Koboi Labs tumbling down, he told them to remain in contact. Less than 5 minutes later, they had him on the grounds. Then they were off. Unfortunately, there was a catch to flying on Disciplus. <Loop-de-loop!> “Oh, please, no, not the loop-de-loop!” Holly groaned, one hand to her stomach, the other to her mouth. “And now the spinning.  Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile!” Artemis said. Despite the flying style, they were there in less than 30 minutes. Once they were on the ground, they paused to put their hair back into the usual styles, then began searching. Soon, they came on a battle royale. There was a Hammerhead Titanothere and a Viperwolf fighting it out. Artemis put on some special goggles that allowed him to identify what attacks the creatures used. The Viperwolf slashed the Hammerhead Titanothere. “Wolf Claw.” Then, it split into multiple copies of itself and surrounded the Titanothere, hitting it from multiple sides. “Pack Hunter.” Then, it snarled. A giant misty Viperwolf appeared above the Viperwolf, and charged forward, hitting and defeating it. “Pandora Canine.” Artemis said. Then, he threw the Creature Ball and caught it. Before the Viperwolf could do anything else, a Mountain Banshee appeared. It flapped its wings, and a huge wind blew, defeating it as well as nearly blowing the group away. Artemis caught the Viperwolf. “Great Gale.” “That’s two in a row. Let someone else have some.” “If you can throw faster than me, Green-face.” “Hey, he flies like a clumsy Louis Hamilton. On purpose.” “Will you two cut that out?” “She started it!” “I don’t care who started it, I’ll finish it!” Butler looked completely serious, so they stopped. They turned back to see the Mountain Banshee get knocked out of the sky by a Great Leonopteryx. “Leonopteryx Wing.” This time around, Root threw a Great Ball and caught it. Before they could even think about what to do about the Leonopteryx, an Ultra Ball appeared and caught it. They followed the ball with their eyes back to the infamous duo. “Let that Leonopteryx go!” “Why should I?” Opal said, sticking out her tongue. Suddenly, there was a crash in front of them. The duo looked up to see Root’s new Banshee in front of them. It roared. They screamed like a little girl and did an amazing vanishing act. The group flew back, although they were smart enough to fly on the Banshee, and not on Disciplus.

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