This is a story by Barkjon!

Prologue Edit

Outpost Outskirts, near the Unknown Regions, the Lower Elements

The two young elves snuck through the darkness, past the looming watchtowers above them. They were going to go adventuring...into the Unknown Regions!


The LEP headquarters, Haven, the Lower Elements

Foaly tapped a few keys on the keyboard. He swiveled around on his chair, facing the huge map of the Lower Elements on the wall opposite him. A red light flashed on it, near the town Outpost and halfway in the Unknown Regions. The centaur genius muttered to himself,

"Hmmm...more adventurers into the UR, huh?"

He flicked a switch on his keyboard and pulled a set of headphones on.

"Give me the USA Brigade...thanks. Barkjon, get your booty over here THIS MINUTE!" he roared, surprisingly sounding like a specific deceased commander.

Chapter 1:The USA Brigade Edit

Police Plaza, Haven, the Lower Elements

Captain Barkjon Swift, of the LEPrecon, walked through the crowds of fairies in Police Plaza. Citizens...bugging the Lower Elements Police for almost no reason.

He walked up to the headquarters and opened the door. Police looked up from their work at him and nodded. Barkjon caught sight of Foaly and strode up to him.


"'re here. We have a problem in the Unknown Regions..."

"More kids goin' there?" Barkjon inquired.

"Uh huh. We need you, with the USA Brigade, to go there and get him out," Foaly told Barkjon.

"Uh...but I'm LEPrecon, not LEPretrieval!" Barkjon exclaimed.

"I don't care! The USA Brigade is our elite group," replied Foaly.

"Fine. When do we leave?"

"ASAP!" said Foaly.


Barkjon and five other fairies walked out the door of the LEP headquarters. They were outfitted with LEPrecon armor and weapons.

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