The Neutrino 6000, developed by LEP Technical Consultant Foaly and put into use by, well, the LEP, is a rapid-fire gun and used in battles. It has a scope the length of the barrel and has 3 modes and 2 ammunition types.


1. Mundane

Neutrino blasts simply knock the target out for 20-30 minutes.

2. Rush

Neutrino blasts knock the target out for 2-4 hours and pose minor danger of burns.

3. Lethal

Neutrino blasts knock the target out for 8-12 hours and almost always leave the target with a burn.

Ammunition Types-

1. Neutrino Standard

Basic Neutrino shots.

2. Centaur's Tongue

Shots fired by the Neutrino can pierce through objects and defenses, but dissolve and knock the target out when shots come in contact with living tissue.

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