The mermaid, the tenth family of faries, was thought to have died when the reset of the faries went underground. Today, mermaids can blend into the world of Mud Men due to their human like appearance. Mermaids are all female and are immortal, which allows them to stay young and live forever.

The mermaid looks like a normal human woman until their lower body (legs, feet, or hips) come into contact with water. When a mermaid comes into contact with water, the lower part of their body becomes a large fish tail covered in many different coloured scales, their hands become webbed and clawed, their ears take the form of an elf's only with scales, a protective glaze goes over their eyes, and all of their skin is coated in shiny scales. The mermaid can breath underwater with the gills in their tails and can also breath on land with their lungs.

The mermaid can only go back to Mud Man form when their lower body is completely dry, in which case the tail fin goes back to looking like legs. One way to tell a mermaid from a human is that a mermaid's blood is blue.

Mermaids weaknesses include not being able to stand temperatures over 100 degrees fahrenheit (unless there is a high amount of humidity in the air or water), having to come into contact with sea water once a day, and having severe headaches when it rains.

Mermaids, like most faries, have magical abilities. It has been proven that mermaids have more magic than any other fairy. Mermaid magic includes:

  • Healing powers
  • Stoping time
  • Bringing back the dead
  • Reversing time
  • Time travel
  • Causing two beings to fall in love
  • Mesmer
  • Sheilding

Mermaids also have natural abilities that need no magic. These abilities are:

  • Swimming fast
  • Super strenght
  • Telepathy
  • Creating oxygen bubbles
  • Knowing every part of every ocean, sea, lake, or pond.
  • Manipulating liquid

Only ten mermaids are left on Earth, and they are living among the Mud Men.