A Fowl RomanceArtemis Fowl:The Craken IncidentArtemis Fowl Fanon
Artemis Fowl IIArtemis Fowl affairArtemis Fowl the Third: Meet Hunter Quartz
Artemis Fowl the Third: The Hunter IncidentAtlantean UnionAtlantis
Barkjon SwiftBattle of TaillteBreather
ButlerCentaursCommander Triskelle
Core CityDemonsDwarves
EarthEight Fairy FamiliesElves
Europe BrigadeFairiesFlux Blade
FoalyFrohmanFujiwara Akatsuki
Gryphon EnterprisesGwen the Gadget GremlinHaven
Hazelle GrapplerHealHolly Short
How a Neutrino weapon works!Hurricane gunshipJulius Root
KitsuneKoboi Energy ShieldKoboi Industries D-Series
Koboi Industries GremlinKoboi Industries Heavy Plasma CannonKoboi Phlantax Interlocking Energy Shields
LEPTrafficLEPTrooperLEP Cruisers
LEP HeadquartersLEP Honeycomb WingsLEP Supplamental MMMW Series
Lower ElementsLower Elements PoliceMagic
Mud PeopleNeutrino 6000Operation: Unknown Regions Retrieval
Other FairiesOutpostPeevel Halard
PixiesPolice PlazaRogue Creatures Version 1 Episode 1
Rogue Creatures Version 1 Episode 2Rogue Creatures Version 1 Episode 3Rogue Creatures Version 1 Episode 4
ShadesSoftnose Laser weapon systemsSpitfire class Assault Fighter
SpritesStun GrenadesSurface
Tanned-skin spriteThe BookThe Smuggler
TrollsTrooperSuitUSA Brigade
Underground KingdomUnknown RegionsVergil Hemlock
Water DwarvesWater ElvesWater Sprites
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