The LEP Supplamental

MonoMollecular Melee Weapon Series was designed by Foaly to, as its name implies, supplament the Flux Blade weaponry already in circulation in the LEP. The weapons are relatively simple titanium blades treated with nanomachines until their cutting edge is one molecule wide. Because of this, any weapon from the MMMW series can cut through anything, but only once- after which it can be used as a normal knife.

The PMMMW-K Kunai

The Prototype MMMW was shaped like a Kunai and was assigned to Holly Short for testing. For use with them, Holly was also given a special LEPrecon suit with eight sheaths for eight PMMMW-Ks. These small, lighweight knives can be thrown or can be used to cut through walls or armor by using different knives for each cut. These knives are small enough that Holly could fit three of them in each of her hands at once.

The MMMW-CK Combat Knife

The MMMW Combat Knife is the mass-produced MMMW. Larger than the Kunai, the Combat Knife has a Monomollecular cutting edge and a normal saw-blade edge for cutting wires.

The MMMW-FDS01 & FDS02 Akatsuki's Custom Daisho

These custom weapons were made for Fujiwara Akatsuki by Foaly. FDS01 is a katana, FDS02 is a wakazachi. Their sheaths include nanomachine dispensers which can re-sharpen their blades for later use.

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