The LEP Honeycomb wings where developed by LEP Technical Consultant Foaly and put into use by the LEPTrooper branch of the LEM. The Honeycomb wings sport a hexagon shape, rather then a winged shape, hence the name "Honeycomb Wings", and are composed of 3 layers. The first layer, at the top (Where else would the first layer be?), makes up the first part of the propulsion systems. At the top of the layer are thrusters that allow the wearer to fly down. The second layer, in the middle, makes up the weaponry and most of the technological systems, containing the two rapid-fire neutrino blasters, wing shielding, and flight computer. The 3rd layer, located on the bottom, contains the thrusters that fly up. He pack that holds the wings together and allows attachment onto the back also has a patch of moonbelt on the back.

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