The Koboi Phlantax Interlocking Energy Shields (Often referred to as Lockers by LEPTroopers) are a type of energy shields developed by Koboi Industries. As the name suggests, these shields, when used in conjunction with other Lockers, are used to form a Phlantax, or a Shield Wall. The Lockers have unique shapes. When a button is pressed on a LEPTrooper's TrooperSuit, a pulsing, green, shield with an interlocking shape will come out of the TrooperSuit's gauntlet. The Shields will then latch together. If the TrooperSuit's computer senses the end of the shield wall (If the shields to the far left and right aren't hooked up with another shield in 20 seconds), the left (If the shield is to the far left) or right (If the shield is to the far right) will become a rounded shape.


Koboi Energy Shield

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