Sure, the Koboi Industries Gremlin is great for police operations underground. But when the LEP divisions like Recon and Retrival need to get around aboveground, They call upon the D-Series dropship. Bigger, faster, and more heavily equipped than its subterreanean counterpart, the D-series is a far more imposing machine.


The D-Series dropships are 58 feet in length, and are equipped with 4 powerful fusion engines in variable pods on the sides of its fuselage. Like most fairy shuttles, instead of a clear cockpit it has a pattern of several small glowing orange circles toward its front end- cameras used for observing the world outside. The D-Series has a fully functioning cloaking system, allowing it to escape detection of humans. Tucked underneath its nose are two Koboi Industries Heavy Plasma Cannons, aided by optional laser targeting systems.

Of course, the hallmark of this dropship is its troop carrying capacity. The large bay can hold a maximum of 18 LEP officers. The D-Series can also reach a brisk speed of 670 miles per hour, the speed of sound at some altitudes.


As its name implies, the D-Series is a series. There are many variants, such as:

D-Alpha- the basic model. Has the features described above.

D-Beta- this model makes the D into a vehicle transport. The large bay is replace with a hollow area with clamps for carrying all maner of ground vehicles.

D-Gamma- a very specialized model. This removes the cargo bay in exchange for a series of winches, clamps and anchors that can lift structures out of the ground. This variant is semi-canonical; it appears in the short story LEPrecon.

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