Kitsune are a species of Other Fairies that decided to not move underground at the end of the Fairy-Human war. Instead, they hid themselves among the people of Japan, where they noticably influenced Japanese mythology. When Japan began to rapidly industrialize, the Kitsune were forced underground.


Kitsune are realatively Elf-sized creatures. The most notable parts of their anatomy are the many traits they share with foxes. Kitsune have large, fox-like ears more prominent than an elf's. They have digitigrade legs ending in small feet. They are mostly furless, with only small patches of fur on the sides of the face, feet, and their tails. Their tails are highly unusual as the spine splits to form tails in multiples of 3. They have a very slight snout, in form almost indistinguishable from a humanoid nose, but it ends in a fox's nose. They have been observed with all of the most common eye colors.


Kitsune can speak in tounges and heal, but cannot use the shield. Instead, they can create a sort of "magic hologram" that allows them to appear human.


Though they influenced the mythology of Japan, Japanese culture highly influenced them. According to the last census, there are no less than 40 Kitsune living in the Lower Elements. Due to these low numbers, there are warnings for Kitsune to not take up any job that might be hazardous to their health, but that has not stopped at least one of them from joining LEPtraffic.