The Hurricane class gunship is a highly versatile weapons platform employed by LEPair for a wide variety of missions, including transport, patrol, and assault.


The Hurricane makes use of a rather boxy shape, kept aloft by anti-gravity systems and twin engines placed on the upper edge of the sides. These engines can push the gunship to mach 3, due to the shield in use on the vehicle providing a smooth, rounded edge for easy streamlining. There are three different types in service at this time, each equipped for different mission profiles.

The Infantry Transport design has a troop bay that can hold a fully equipped platoon. It is equipped with three doors, two on the sides and one at the back, allowing for very quick loading and offloading. Weapons are twin Neutrino rotary cannons and missile launchers mounted on fins. These are the standard armament of all Hurricane types. The Infantry type also has fold-out door guns to provide flank cover. This variant is the most commonly used, due to it's versatility. It is typically seen flying around the Lower Elements settlements, carrying LEP officers waiting to respond to calls. It can also be used as a flying ambulance and prison transport.

The Assault Gunship ditches the troop bay in exchange for an upsized power core, more armour and much more weapons. This design requires a dedicated gunner to operate at full capacity, due to the gunship effectively being a flying arsenal. The missiles are able to be switched out for EMP warheads, jamming drones, bunker busters, and other types.

The Vehicle Transport is nothing really special. It is basically the front end of the standard gunship placed on a large boxy cargo bay. This can carry a wide variety of ground vehicles, including Crusader Tanks, Mako IFVs, and others. It's armour is downgraded due to having to maintain any semblance of speed while carrying heavy vehicles.


The Hurricane is found in LEP bases all over the planet, and are generally used for almost every role that can be thought of. They are the premier LEP aircraft, without a doubt.

Later on, they would be a primary vehicle of the United Earth Military and would see action on Auraxis, Noveria, Reach, Equestria, and other planets.

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