� While most simply describe a Neutrino weapon as a "blaster" or energy weapon, the principles are actually quite different, yet they create an effect that is quite similar

The BulletEdit

Neutrino weapons are not actually ray guns, as even fairy scientists know that this is impossible (however, they're still trying). Neutrinos fire a very odd bullet made out of a synthetic substance called HCSP, or High Conductivity Soft Polymer, which is quite similar to soft styrofoam found in Nerf darts or soft footballs. However, while the latter do not conduct electricity(i.e., they are INSULATORS), HCSP does . Upon contact with an object at significant velocity, HCSP dissolves.


When a LEP officer pulls the trigger of a Neutrino weapon, this is what happens:

  1. The bullet is started moving like in any human weapon.
  2. It reaches a part of the barrel that supecharges it with electricity from the nuclear batteries.
  3. It continues down the insulated rifled barrel.


When the unlucky soul at the other end of the barrel gets hit, this is what happens:

  1. The bullet discharges all of its electricity into its target.
  2. The bullet dissolves.

Power SettingsEdit

The power settings on a Neutrino determine the amount of electricity the bullet is charged with before leaving the barrel.

Several Neutrino WeaponsEdit

There are several weapons that use the Neutrino system.� However, they do not comprise all of the weapons of the LEP.

Neutrino 2000- A simple handgun. It is no longer in service, because the Neutrino 3000 is far superior.

Neutrino 3000- A very advanced version of the 2000. It contains many features, such as a computer that records shots made.

Neutrino 500- A old model of automatic sidearm. It has not been taken out of service but very few officers use them.

Neutrino 4000 'Farshot'- A .50 cal sniper rifle. It can be used in lethal or nonleathal modes, depending on what ammunition is used.

Neutrino 400- An assault rifle. Similar to the 4000, it can be lethal or nonleathal, depending on ammunition. It also features a stun grenade launcher.

Gryphon Bugbear- It uses all of the same principles as the Koboi-made Neutrino weapons, but is made by up-and-coming weapons company Gryphon. It is an assault rifle with a unique design feature- the sides of the weapon cover the user's arm. It is becoming the favored weapon of some LEP units, notably Traffic.

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