Holly Short is a captain in LEPrecon, known for her entanglement in the Artemis Fowl affair. She
Holly Short

Holly, as she appears in The Artemis Fowl Graphic Novel.

is an elf, and a very famous one at that. Holly was also the first female member of LEPrecon.

Notable FeaturesEdit

Holly Short is about a centimeter shorter than most other elves. She is also notable for having two different eyes- an elven one, with green whites and a hazel iris; and a human one, with white whites and a blue iris. Holly is an excellent shot, and, like all LEP officers, is a user of the Neutrino weapons.


At a young age, Holly's mother, a marine biologist, died of radiation poisoning. Quite some time later, she joined the LEP and was a low ranking LEPtraffic officer. Soon, she was promoted, and after a horrible initiation mishap, was inducted into the prestigious LEPrecon.

General InformationEdit

Captain Holly Short of the Lower Elements Police Recon is very taken by the evil human boy who seems to know so much about the fairies. Her boss is LEP's Commander Julius Root, who has a very small temper and gets angry quite easily. He seems like a bad guy at first, but you can see how much of a role model he is to Holly throughout the series.

Holly was first seen by Artemis when he caught her in the first book. She was introduced as a fiery elf who had a lot of regard for the rules, but sometimes disobeyed the most crucial orders. She's already had one big screw up, and has many more to follow.

She is friends with LEP's Technological man, Foaly the Centaur. Foaly doesn't have a lot of friends, and when he thinks that Holly dies later on in the series, he is crushed.

When Holly is captured by Artemis, he asks the Fairy Council for gold. The People don't like to part with their gold, but they do this anyway. Holly then makes a deal with Artemis. She gives him a wish in exchange for half the ransom. Artemis' wish is to cure his mother, as she is very ill and delirious. Now that Angeline Fowl is healthy, it is going to take him a lot more work to continue with his illegal ventures, but Artemis manages.

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