Hazelle belongs to Malice the NightWing. Do not use without her permission.

Hazelle Grappler is a private investigator who also will work as an adventurer and explorer sometimes. She is half human and half fairy, although she is mostly human and works in the human world.

Appearance Edit

Hazelle is very tall and fiercely pretty, with an athletic form, dark bronze-brown skin, dark black-brown eyes, and curly dark brown hair held back in a high ponytail.

She does not have any physical fairy traits.

Abilities Edit

Hazelle does have very weak healing and shielding magic, although she can't do much more than heal cuts and make herself partially invisible and hard-to-see.

Personality Edit

Hazelle is very intelligent and is a quick and logical thinker. She does, however, love adventure and danger, and sometimes goes on missions with her half-sister. She loves her job as a private investigator, and is very sharp and observant. She rarely ever associates or works with the faeries, but has once or twice when necessary.

Trivia Edit

  • She is known by her friends as simply "Grappler".
  • She hates seafood more than any other food.
  • She has a trained pet raven named Luke that she is usually seen with.
  • She rarely ever uses magic, only ever out of pure necessity.

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