Akatsuki is a Kitsune that serves with LEPtraffic, despite the warnings of the Lower Elements Council for Preserving Diversity. She is good friends with Foaly and supported his development of the LEP Supplamental MMMW Series. She is the second-most accomplished officer in LEPtraffic, with 793 arrests, 59 drug busts, and 1,003 parking citations. She is notable to have been the last kitsune born aboveground.


Akatsuki, true to her aboveground Japanese Bushido upbringing, has a strict sense of honor, and sought to defend that by joining the LEP. Soon after her admission into LEPtraffic, she decided to further test herself by seeing how long she could go without using a firearm. She has still not fired a single shot from her standard-issue Neutrino 3000. She instead used a custom MMMW katana, and later replaced that with the legendary Fairy sword Kingsbane.

She has been described by her friends as persistent and being of relatively cheerful, but with a dismal sense of humor. She takes annual trips aboveground to varous sacred sites in Japan.

Quest For KingsbaneEdit

When Ark Sool became commander of the LEP, his harsh new regulations would have prevented Akatsuki from continuing to use her trusty sword. Akatsuki pre-emptively quit the force and worked at her father's downtown Haven restaurant. Her father soon fell gravely ill. The cure for his condition was not known, so physicians decided to put him into suspended animation. He had one last request for his daughter: to bring back the ancient Fujiwara heirloom Kingsbane. Akatsuki spent five years aboveground in Japan searching for the sword before she found it in the hands of a fairy-human terrorist group. She made a daring rescue and returned underground, allowing her father to see her accomplishment before he died. Akatsuki ran his restaurant until Trouble Kelp became commander of the LEP, at which point she rejoined. She now instructs LEP recruits in close quarters combat.


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