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Commander Triskelle
Vital statistics
Title Commander of the Europe Brigade
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction Europe Brigade
Health Good
Level 75
Status On patrol
Location Dún Laoghaire, Ireland

Commander Triskelle is a commander of the Europe Brigade, a branch of LEPairforce. He has auburn-coloured hair, and his skin is a fair white colour.


Triskelle was born in a colony of elves in Northern Ireland. Growing up, he didn't want to live couped up in the stuffy UK, so he decided to work for the of the LEPairforce. He rose through the ranks, and eventually became commander. He lives near Dublin, Ireland, and was a commander during the siege of Fowl Manor. He now is a prominent parliament and military figure in the UK and LE.


Triskelle is smart, witty, and outgoing. Triskelle is usually jokey, sarcastic, and fun when he isn't on patrol, but when he is, he is very serious. He absoloutely hates it when his orders are questioned, his logic is "Just do it".


  • He has citizenship in both the UK and LE.
  • Triskelle has smaller ears than most Elves, but much keener hearing than the average elf.

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