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The Battle of Taillte was the last major conflict between humans and fairies. It happened in Ireland.

Story Edit

The fairies and humans were growing farther and farther apart, because of their many differences. It had finally come down to a battle. They met at Taillte Hill in Ireland; the fairies on one side of the hill, the humans on the other. At first the humans were slowly getting pushed away, but a catapult throwing rocks at the fairy people soon stopped that.

After several days had past, it was obvious it would be a rout for the humans. The fairies gave up and fled to their fairy forts, leaving the humans victorious. But the demons did not want to go underground.

The demons warlocks formed a magical circle, trying to lift their home island, Hybras, out of time. But two demons, N'Zall and Bludwin, betrayed the warlocks, and attacked them. Bludwin was killed, but N'Zall survived and later became Leon Abbot. The warlocks did lift Hybras out of time, but there were some problems. But that's another story.

Lasting Effects Edit

Fairies and Humans would never come into prolonged contact for many years, until the Artemis Fowl affair. The Fairy people were forced to stay underground for a full ten thousand years, making efforts to hide their existence from Humans by way of newer technology and general procedures. The Demon species was trapped in Limbo due to the actions of N'Zall, and it would be millenia before anyone saw them again. There has apparently been a recent movie about the battle, a full nine hours in length. Of course, many of the details have been lost to time. Indeed, the Humans have no memory of this last encounter.