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Barkjon Swift
Vital statistics
Title Captain Barkjon Swift
Gender Male
Race Elf
Faction LEPrecon, USA Brigade
Health Good
Level  ???
Status  ???
Location near Haven, the Lower Elements

Barkjon Swift is a tanned-skin sprite who is a captain in LEPrecon and leader of the USA Brigade.

History Edit

Barkjon Swift was born in Outpost, the Lower Elements, to two poor sprite parents. He was born green-skinned like most sprites, but slowly became more light brown. Around the age of 30 (fairy years) he joined LEPrecon. He slowly went up in rank until he became a captain and formed his own brigade. He is best friends with Commander Triskelle, and second cousin to Holly Short.

Personality Edit

Like most sprites, he is happy-go-lucky and day-dreaming. he is also mischievous, sarcastic, and, like his cousin Holly, sometimes ignorant of his commander's orders. However, he is dependable, smart, and quick-thinking.

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