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Artemis Fowl II is a human child genius. He discovered the fairy civilization after several years of researching them on the Internet. He soon after kidnapped Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon, holding her captive for ransom money. He has a body-guard, that is also his best friend, named Butler.


Artemis is often described as cold and at often times, annoying. However, his close friends Holly Short and Butler feel that Artemis has a much kinder, softer side, much like an average child. After the first book, Artemis shows more of a likable personality that people can relate to. He has dark piercing blue eyes and raven hair.


Artemis has known to have changed over a time span of 4 years, age 12 to 15. Ever since he was a child, he was widely known to be peculiar. However, when his father embarked on a journey to Russia and did not return when Artemis was 10, this different streak only began to stand out more. As his father was now gone, Artemis felt that he was to be the head of the family. This considerably made him much more mature and colder. He continued this attitude even towards his mother, who had gone mad after his father's disappearance. He soon afterwards made his first huge deal: he sold the last silky sifaka lemur in the world for more than a thousand diamonds, unknowingly causing his future self's mother to get a magical disease.

At age twelve, Artemis managed to obtain The Book from a drunken fairy, and with the help of The Book, he captured LEPrecon officer Captain Holly Short. He held her for ransom, and this caused a huge battle with Artemis and the faires, later to be called 'the Fowl Manor siege'. In the end, Artemis received the ransom money and Captain Short was delivered back to the LEP.

Artemis soon met with the faries again when he was falsely accused by the LEP of smuggling human AAA batteries into the fairy world. When it was revealed that he was innocent, the LEP and Artemis made a deal: the faires would help Artemis find his lost father, and Artemus would help shut down the operation of whoever is smuggling the AAA batteries.


  • A common actor that fans want to play Artemis Fowl II in the movie is Asa Butterfield

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