Of course, Artemis Fowl II has accomplished more schemes then the ones written in the books... So what happens after the series ends? I suppose you'll have to read on to find out!

Chapter 1 Edit

“It’s day three. I’ve been involved in this guy’s life for three days, and already I’m looking for my out. You’ve got to help me out on this one,” a voice crackled over the phone.

“You know I have a duty here. You, of all people, should know that,” a slightly agitated voice replied.

“You’re snapping at me. How can you get angry at me? Who got you through the academy? Who made you the best of the best?”

“Madame Ko, not you. Oh, and trust me, if I ‘snapped’ at you, you’d know it. It’d be hard to ignore a broken spine. Besides, I’ve changed.”

“Yeah, it sounds like you lost all aggression. Just because of that boy? I’ve heard of bodyguards going soft after certain things, certain events that make them question their abilities. But it’s always the ones that weren’t… Butlers. You’ve been bred to be strong.”

“I am strong. Stronger than you. If you think I am not, I’d advise you to hang up now before I trace this call, and you wake up tomorrow—”

“Hold it right there. I’m sorry to inform you, bro, but you’re mushier than baby food. Oh, and this phone is non-tracable. At least that’s what my new boss told me. A lot of luck and good fortune he turned out to be. Call me back when you decide to help me. Until the next unpleasant phone call—”

“I’ve done more for my charge than you ever have. I have more loyalty for him than you could ever have had for yours.”

“My charge is dead. Has been for years.”

“Exactly, because you couldn’t handle the pressure and let him go into that building alone.”

“You know why I did; you know why I did it! And you know it wasn’t because of—”

“You’re right. I haven’t changed. Good bye, Benedict.”

“You know why—” The line went dead.

Chapter 2 Edit

Even though he’d hung up, he sat stunned, his eyes frosted over, and his thoughts crawled back into the past for a split second before—

“Butler!” Artemis II beckoned. Again.

“Oh, Artemis,” Butler sighed, sweeping glinting weapons to the side so he could make room to set the phone onto his dresser. He stood slowly, breathed deeply, and shuffled across his private room, the only room no one else dared enter in the entire Fowl Manor complex. Guns and knifes and daggers and his custom-made black suits were the only personal items in the room, except for one picture that set adjacent to his bed: a picture of himself, Juliet, and what appeared to be another person’s arm—half the picture was cut out.

The veins that twisted and coiled across the muscles in his bulging arm were pounding hard as he tried to keep his blood pressure subdued. He opened the door and was welcomed by another call from Artemis, who was obviously working on an important project upstairs. Butler leapt over the first few steps and then had to take only two steps at a time. Every step jolted his bones now.

Chapter 3Edit

He found his charge at what appeared to be forging letters to only Artemis-knew-who. Butler stayed back, waiting for Artemis to speak, but then approached and placed his firm hand onto Artemis’s shoulder. He didn’t even turn. “Master Artemis, I’d never let anything happen to you. I’d kill myself before something did,” Butler whispered, though his tone was tight.

Artemis, whose brilliant eyes where always analyzing a situation or envisioning a scheme, shut suddenly. They flickered open again, as if he’d only blinked, but Artemis never just blinks. He’d resolved to keep Butler’s obviously troubled mind at bay for now, just until he could complete the latest development in his plan.

“Mhm. Butler, I need you to do something for me. It’s not illegal really, merely something I’ve been meaning to get done. If you would, could you deliver these letters to the secretary of Julius Craken? He’s the CEO of Hemisphere Incorporated in Germany; I’ve been looking at a few blueprints and digitally scanned the building, so try the 17th floor first. Oh, and if you don’t mind, bug his office with this camera I’ve been designing. Just peel off the backing to expose the adhesive, then put it someplace. Put it on a plant, a window sill, a door jam, just somewhere with a good view. I’ve been longing to get my foot in the door, so to speak, but I’ve been rather tied up here for the last few days. Thank you, Butler. I’m sorry I can’t go with you, but I’m waiting on a reply from someone very important.”

Butler took the letters from Artemis’s hand. “Artemis.”


“Promise me that this one’s your last one.”

“No promises, old pal, just rain checks.”

“I know,” Butler responded. “I’m just wondering when I can redeem a few.” He nearly grinned. “Ah well, having Artemis is better than being plagued by a child who stares at his computer just for the games,” he thought as he left.

Chapter 4Edit

Ring! Ri-- Artemis's hand flew to the phone. He'd been sitting in the same chair in his room for 2 hours, anxiously tapping his pale fingers on his lap, waiting for a particular person to call. In the mean time, he'd denied four other calls, one from his mother Angeline, Butler, Holly Short, even one from Minerva. He figured that if the Lower Elements were in danger, the People could stall long enough until he arrived. Besides, this was a crucial part of the plan. It was going to confirm a hunch.

Artemis answered the call after checking the caller-ID. "This is Artemis Fowl..."

"Hello. This is--"

"Yes, I know who you are. What can you tell me about his daughter?"

"Luckily for you, I've got an address."

"I had an address. You don't have to be a genius to get one of those." Normally Artemis wouldn't have patience to play games, but he was excited. "Does she know what I need to know?"

"I believe she does. I sent someone over earlier..."

"Untie her. I don't tie up information sources."

"Oh... Well, you don't tie them up, but you hired me."

Artemis laughed. "Once Butler gets back from an errand, I'll be right out. Thank you."

Chapter 5Edit

“I’m aware of that already,” Artemis II grinned.

A lanky girl about the same age as Artemis with black hair braided loosly down her back focused intently into his icy blue eyes; vainly, she scanned them for another way into this obviously professional visitor. He proved impenetrable. Her lips twitched from annoyance, and with frustration, pursed her lip up to blow a stray hair of her face, tucking it back into her braid. “Well, you should rethink your methods,” she spoke with a distinctive German accent.

“I’m aware that that’s your position already, too,” Artemis replied, beginning to set up a course for the dialoge.

“Well, if you’re aware, and I’m aware, and we’re all aware of what we need to be wary of…”

“I understand what you’re implying, but unfortunately for you, I’m not so naïve. Excuse me for just one moment. Just relax for a few minutes, breath perhaps, while I place a call to a place that doesn’t exist.”

“That is to say, it’s not supposed to exist, correct?”

“A secret is only a secret to those that don’t know it,” Artemis retorted.

“Ah, but the truth is always the truth, no matter how you serve it,” she came back equally as strong.

“Yes, but a lie is only a lie depending on how you slice it.”

“So you mean to say that you’re stalling.”

“No, not at all. I’m consulting, not stalling.”

“Give it up, I’ve called your bluff.”

“I’ll give it up when you call my bluff.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Am I? Well then, I suppose you have nothing to lose.”

“You know, I just recently learned that lies are sliceable.”

“Not everything that’s sliced can be diced.” Artemis laughed inside. “Oh come on,” he thought. “You’ve got to appreciate that one. That was wittier than my last bit... Thinking about taking the bait? I can see you're thinking about it, Adeline Craken. Your mind is one of the very few on Earth to nearly match my own, so I know you can't be easily fooled. But I know you can tell me something else, so just wrap you're brain around a good challenge and press on.” Fired up, she pressed on.

“Clever. You’re very bright, aren’t you? But I’m sure you’ve been told as much.”

“And aha! Finally we have a battle of wits.”

“Oh, you mean to say it just started. Huh.” She finally smiled. “It doesn’t matter—you know I’m too brilliant to lose, and I know you’re too intelligent to slip, however one of us will. Fascinating. What are the stakes?”

“However much you’re willing to put on the line.”

“Alright. If I’m the victor, you give me the code. If you reign victorious, I’ll still get the code, disable you, and bolt.”

“Ha, no, I’m sorry. Let me introduce you to my bodyguard, Butler,” Artemis said as he motioned Butler forward. “I know he looks menacing now, but I can only imagine how he’ll warm up to you if that’s your strategy. Here, I’ll make the terms. If you win, you’ll get the code to the vault. When I win, you’ll stick around and tell me everything you possibly can about your father Julius Craken. Have we struck a deal?” Artemis smirked.

“Do I have a choice?”

“You know the answer to that one,” Artemis nodded to her. “This should be interesting,” he thought. “Ah, the things I take part in to complete my plans.”

“Artemis: that’s your name, correct?”

“Yes. The last name’s Fowl if you’d like to plug me into a search engine.”

“No, actually, I was planning on sending you a letter.”

“A letter? That’s new.” And for one of the few times in his life, Artemis was genuinely taken back, because just at that moment, while Artemis was consumed with the prospect of getting a letter, Adeline suddenly vanished. Butler had no time to react before the girl had disappeared, and both Artemis and his bodyguard were left trying to figure out what had happened. “Well that solves that,” Artemis said frankly. He flipped open his cell phone, beginning to dial a number with ten times the area codes needed to call anywhere on Earth--or on the surface of Earth, anyway. “Come on, Butler, I have all the information I need,” he continued as he walked out of the Craken's home and towards the helicopter in which they'd arrived. Butler nearly thought of asking what information could have possibly been gotten from such a seemingly shallow scene, but he decided he could ask later.

Note from Howdychicken: Hi all, I hope you enjoyed the story! I'm planning on writing a continuation but... don't expect anything too soon :) Thanks for making it all the way through, and if you think of anything that could happen in a possible sequel, let me know on this article's talk page or on my own. TTFN and onward then!

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